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Dog Rules and Dogs Rule

We got our first dog, Rebel, three months before we got married. People thought we were crazy buying a house, getting a dog, and getting married all within a year. Don’t get a dog in winter, they’re too hard to house train when it’s s cold outside....

Dealing With Dumb People at the Dog Park

We are big fans of the dog park. Not as big of fans as Caesar and Dixie are. We like that the dog park allows them many options: socializing with other dogs, exploring things, walking, and their favorite getting petted by people. I’m pretty sure Caesar and Dixie refer...

Practical Ways to Keep Your Dog Hydrated

If there’s one thing I’m terrible at, it’s getting enough water. I’m just not a fan. It’s too watery for me. Luckily, I’m better at keeping my pets hydrated. And I’ve got some practical ways to keep your dog hydrated. But first some back story. Many years ago, my...

I Want a Dog Right Freakin’ Now!

Have you ever wanted a dog? Like really bad? Like right now? I have. I’ve even said, “I want a dog right freakin’ now!’ I know that sounds like something a child should be saying but those words came from the mouth of a grown ass woman. Here’s my story. Backstory A...

Catching Up at the Dog Park

I happened to be at the dog park when Blond Ina and her friend Lois where there. I hadn’t seen them in a while and I don’t know them very well. But they are always entertaining. Lois: Doctor, will you look at my foot? Blond Ina: I don’t know if I...

Dog Park Energy

While I’m putting my dog in the car, this man comes up to me. He’s wearing a backpack and a fannypack. That’s two too many packs, if you ask me. He says, “How’s the energy today?’ “Excuse me?” I said. “What’s...

The Great Poo Caper

Today there was a man at the dog park picking up poo. There was no dog around him. He was just going through the woods picking up poop. What. The. Heck! Who does that? I don’t even like picking up my own dog’s poo. Once, I thought I’d be nice and I...


Lady: Is that your dog? (points to my dog) Man: (sitting on Pee Rock, a large rock that dogs pee on with a notebook and pen in hand) No. I’m just here witnessing dogs. Witnessing dogs?! Apparently there is some kind of Billy Graham Dog Revival going on. A Doggy...

Bad at Math

Lady: How old is your dog? Me: Nine. He’s an old man. Lady: Don’t say that. Me: You’re right. Our last dog made it to be 15 years old. Lady: See. He’s almost halfway there.


30-something Failure to Launch Daughter: Mom, I can’t find Maisy’s poop. Will you come over here and help me find it? Mom: No, Julie. You can do this on your own. A few minutes later loud enough for the entire dog park to hear… 30 FtLD: I found it!...

Happy Hour

Man: Anabelle, would you like some from the private stock? He then pulls out a thermos of special water. It could have been white wine, gin or vodka for all I know.

Parents Just Don’t Understand

Mom: Let’s walk around one more time. Dramatic Teenage Daughter: Mom, you don’t get it. I have a bruise on my shin and every single step I take causes me pain. Why don’t you get that?! Other Teenage Daughter: I’ve leaving both of...

What’s Your Address Over There? You’re on Briar?

Today an older gentleman and a young woman were talking at the dog park. Man: Oh, so you live over by me. Woman: Where do you live? Man: By you. Woman: Whereabouts? Man: Where did you say you lived? Woman: Behind the mall that has Woody’s in it. Man: Yeah, me...

Do You Sail?

Leaving the dog park at just the right time as a man with no sleeves just showed up. But not before a middle aged woman asking me on a sailing date. May 5, 2014

Dog Facts

Today a man at the dog park told me that male dog’s urine streams pulsate in time with their heart beat. It’s situations like this that keep me coming back to the dog park. May 15, 2014  

Not Again

Caesar peed on a woman at the dog park today. Time to monitor how much #OITNB he watches. June 21, 2014

Getting Dirty

“He likes to live life to the fullest which sometimes mean getting dirty.” Lady about her dog July 3, 2014


Lots of drama and gossip at the dog park today. That’s what church is for. -Thought I had July 6, 2014


Listening to two women talk about how inconvenienced they are by having to hold their grandkids. Meanwhile they aren’t inconvenienced by carrying around bags filled with their dog’s poop. July 23, 2014

Stacy’s Mom

Stacy’s mom does not have it going on at the dog park. I’ve never seen someone who is worst at throwing a tennis ball. July 24, 2014

Catching Some ZZZs

Of course there is someone sleeping on a picnic table at the dog park this morning. I’d expect nothing less. July 26, 2014

License and Registration Please

I saw a lady get a ticket for not having a dog park pass. I don’t know what is funnier: the fact that it’s a ticket-able offense or the fact that there are multiple free dog parks in town and she chose to use this one. August 1, 2014...

Did That Just Happen?

Today at the dog park I learned that you should get your undergrad degree at a state school and your graduate degree at a private school. Also, I saw a lady  “hide” her car key on the wheel of the car. As in she just set it on the tire and walked away....

Just a Typical Day at the Dog Park

A man brought a broom and swept under the picnic tables then complained about it until we thanked and praised him. There was a dog named Pepsi then a lady with a Coke shirt showed up. A guy gave me his digits. August 7, 2014  ...

That Sounds Dirty

“She likes it one on one but nothing more than that.” “I miss that soft tongue, yes I do.” -Random guy at dog park talking about his dog August 13, 2014

New Leg on Life

Today at the dog park a man told about the prosthetic paw his dog was going to be getting. He said there will be several months of fittings, modifications and therapy until the dog is at full speed. Update: This dog doesn’t use the prosthetic leg. It just hops...

Super Mom

This lady at the dog park is wearing a shirt that says Super Mom. I’m going to give her my thoughts on Super America. August 28, 2014

Don’t Tell Him That

This boy at the dog park is telling this old man way too many details about his life. This is how abductions happen. August 28, 2014

Cool vs Warm

“I picked up a couple cool ones and don’t think those are her’s. Then I picked up a warm one and knew it was her’s.” -Lady at the dog park telling us about all the poop she’s picked up August 31, 2014

Tennis Balls

Someone dropped off a huge laundry basket full of tennis balls at the dog park and all the dogs’ minds are blown. September 1, 2014