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Did That Just Happen?

Today at the dog park I learned that you should get your undergrad degree at a state school and your graduate degree at a private school. Also, I saw a lady  “hide” her car key on the wheel of the car. As in she just set it on the tire and walked away....

Just a Typical Day at the Dog Park

A man brought a broom and swept under the picnic tables then complained about it until we thanked and praised him. There was a dog named Pepsi then a lady with a Coke shirt showed up. A guy gave me his digits. August 7, 2014  ...

That Sounds Dirty

“She likes it one on one but nothing more than that.” “I miss that soft tongue, yes I do.” -Random guy at dog park talking about his dog August 13, 2014

New Leg on Life

Today at the dog park a man told about the prosthetic paw his dog was going to be getting. He said there will be several months of fittings, modifications and therapy until the dog is at full speed. Update: This dog doesn’t use the prosthetic leg. It just hops...

Super Mom

This lady at the dog park is wearing a shirt that says Super Mom. I’m going to give her my thoughts on Super America. August 28, 2014

Don’t Tell Him That

This boy at the dog park is telling this old man way too many details about his life. This is how abductions happen. August 28, 2014

Cool vs Warm

“I picked up a couple cool ones and don’t think those are her’s. Then I picked up a warm one and knew it was her’s.” -Lady at the dog park telling us about all the poop she’s picked up August 31, 2014

Tennis Balls

Someone dropped off a huge laundry basket full of tennis balls at the dog park and all the dogs’ minds are blown. September 1, 2014

Doggy Dental Work

This lady at the dog park is explaining how her dog had a $3500 root canal and a gold crown put in because as she put it, “Darcy is the dog she is.” September 4, 2014


I just saw a lady put down two bags of poop so she could put her fingers in her mouth and whistle. September 8, 2014

Dog Bullies

A guy at the dog park started bringing his Hoveround scooter. The dogs park at it and try to hump it. #DogBullies

Where’s That Snake?

I saw one of the weekday regulars at the dog park today. She was searching for a big snake she found there last week. I asked her what she does when she finds the snake. She said “I just hold it for a while.” Visiting Petco would be the easier route to...

You Can’t Park Like That

Oh boy, Someone took up two parking stalls at the dog park. So a man went through the park yelling, trying to find the driver. Meanwhile a lady found the driver and tipped her off so she could move her car. Then tip off lay and I got into a conversation where she told...

Can You Just Say Poop?

“Did you poop again? Are you the poopanator? Are you the poop monster? Are you the Czar of Poopakastan?” Lady at the dog park who likes to talk about poop October 29, 2014

Run for Your Life

A lady at the dog park who is using her dog’s coat as a hand warmer just told her Pug, “Run, run, run, get your ya yas out.” January 2, 2015

How We Got a Chihuahua

There’s a man holding his chihuahua inside his vest like it’s a Baby Bjorn. As soon as the man took his chihuahua out of his vest (he was keeping it warm) and put it on the ground Caesar went over and peed on the dog. Fortunately the dog was wearing two...

Maybe Keep the Kids at Home

A man who couldn’t control his dog when it was on a leash (the dog was too strong for him) also brought his two small children to the dog park. His daughter was knocked over by a dog tornado and his sound just stood there yelling “fight fight fight”...

Fall Down Go Boom

I got knocked over by some dogs today. It was less traumatic and more hilarious than I imagined. -Thought I had as I lay on the ground outside the dog park gate. February 20, 2015

Coyote Ugly

I heard some people in the small and frail dog section of the dog park discussing where they thought their dogs “understand by nature that coyotes aren’t their dogs’ friends.” March 7, 2015

Dog Park Friends

“There’s worse things to do in life than follow your dogs as they chase their friends.” Man at dog park March 8, 2015

Hiking Excursion

A lady at the dog park is trying to lead her three Golden Retrievers on a fitness hike. It’s going about as well as can be expected. March 17, 2015  

That’s Mine Now

Today at the dog park my dog peed on an empty water jug, a small dog and a crate of tennis balls that someone donated. He’s a class act. March 20, 2015

Like vs Love

Mom to her teen daughter, “I like you but I don’t love you that much.” Note: Conversations like these make for extra fun at the dog park. No doubt she likes the dog more than her daughter. March 28, 2015

Work Time

Lady at the dog park brought her laptop. She’s using a lawn chair as a table and she’s crouched down typing on her computer. Why wouldn’t she just sit at the picnic table? Or leave the laptop at home? -Thought I had April 29, 2015

Cold Shoulder

The dog is ignoring me because I didn’t take him to the dog park today. Well, two can play at that game. Nope, I’m wrong. I must make him love me again. -Thought I had May 14, 2015

Bend it Like Beckham

This lady at the dog park has a super fluffy dog named Beckham. I bet she’d be disappointed to find out there aren’t any six pack abs underneath that fur. -Thought I had May 15, 2015

What Did You Say?

There is a lady a the dog park with a deaf dog. Sometimes when she talks to me I pretend I can’t hear her so she doesn’t think her dog is the only one that ignores her. -Thought I had May 19, 2015


Sad news to report: The people at the dog park this time of day all seem relatively normal. – Thought I had June 2, 2015 8 PM

Proud Mama

“You’re such a brave girl. Mom is so proud of you, Audra, my beautiful girl.” -Lady talking baby talk to her dog June 12, 2015

Can I Get That Recipe?

This lady at the dog park sounds exactly like the Barefoot Contessa. I’m hoping to get her to share some recipes or at least some good Jeffrey stories. -What goes through my head June 12, 2015

Dog Park Date

Man at at the dog park is wearing a sleeveless came Fort Myers Beach shirt. The woman with him is wearing sandals and a white sundress. Someone way oversold their Craigslist date. -What goes through my head June 14, 2015

Deep in Thought

All winter long I had this lady at the dog park pegged as being 90 years old. Now that she’s wearing her spring/summer wardrobe I’d says she’s closer to 87. -What goes through my head June 18, 2015

Conversation with a Dairy Farmer’s Daughter

Lady at the dog park is telling me how she wants her childhood growing up on a Wisconsin dairy farm back as she scratches off lotto tickets. Then she says that cows will die if you try to cool them off by hosing them down. She wraps up our conversation by asking me...

You Do What Now?

Woman explaining her job at General Mills Lady she’s talking to: Did you go to school for that kind of stuff? Food scientist: Yes Lady: Like what, an MBA? FS: No, I have a degree in food science. Note: Anytime someone says “Did you go to school for that...

Golfer at the Dog Park

“I’m a golfer so I believe in the whole prepare another man’s divot theory. Only I do it with dog poop. Can I borrow a bag? You do know what a divot is, right?” Golfer and dog lover July 21, 2015 EP, MN