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Today there was a man at the dog park picking up poo. There was no dog around him. He was just going through the woods picking up poop. What. The. Heck! Who does that? I don’t even like picking up my own dog’s poo. Once, I thought I’d be nice and I grabbed a bag of poo that someone left on a picnic table. I almost threw up. So gross. I digress.

Who volunteerly picks up poo? Is this some kind of self-imposed punishment? And it’s in the wood, where only the dogs go.

So this man is picking up poo at noon. Who does it at noon? There’s hardly anyone there at that time. If you’re going to do a good deed, do it when people will see you and praise you. That’s how I live my life.

Then, he takes the huge bag of poo he’s collected and he brings it down to the garbage can at the entrance. And instead of putting it in the garbage can, he places it on the ground next to the can. That seems so passive aggressive.

And it turns out he does have a dog. He lets it roam the dog park when he’s picking up poo. Then when he’s done, he takes the dog and they go for a walk through the neighborhood.

I’m still baffled.


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